CEP 750SEM Yoga for Health & Healing

Yoga for Health and Healing is a practical, graduate level course for those in the helping field who would like to learn more about the role of yoga in maintaining health and healing in both physical and psychological areas.

Ideal for those who want to learn more about how yoga helps, the course will provide an overview of yoga theory and practice covering the 8-limbs of yoga.

Although yogic texts will be referenced, the class is designed to focus on practical applications and empirically supported practices. The specific health benefits of yoga will be explored as well as the risk and contraindications. Then specific conditions and disorders (e.g., cancer, cardiovascular health, anxiety, depression, trauma, and eating-related issues) will be addressed along with particular yoga interventions known to support healing.

The course format will be a combination of lecture discussion, student presentations, and in-class practice of yoga. Students will be expected to maintain an active yoga practice throughout the semester as part of this experience.

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