CEP 611SEM The Mindful Therapist: Techniques and Practice

Mindfulness-based practices have become increasingly integrated in both the prevention of disorder and as supplemental intervention in the treatment of many physical and mental disorders.

There is a growing body of research documenting the benefits of yoga, meditation, and relaxation in the treatment of disorders such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, as well as in the reduction of stress and enhancement of outcomes in physical illness such as cancer and heart disease. As the research grows, there has been a growing understanding of the physiological and psychological mechanisms underlying these positive outcomes.

This course is designed to help developing and practicing therapists begin to integrate mindfulness-based techniques into their practice as well as their lives. Students will learn and discuss mindfulness-based practices, develop an empirically-based understanding of the effectiveness of these techniques, as well as learn to implement mindfulness-based practices.

Coursework will be a combination of lecture, discussions, research review, and active practice of yoga, meditation, and relaxation techniques. Students will be expected to participate in discussions as well as to participate in yoga, meditation, and relaxation activities during the class session. Lectures, small group work, discussions, and coursework review the current scope and applications of mindfulness-based practices and physiological and psychological mechanism underlying the efficacy of mindfulness-based techniques.

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