Ryan M. Rish

Assistant Professor

Learning and Instruction

 510 Baldy Hall

Adolescents' literacies
Critical digital media
Community inquiry
Mobile learning
Sociocultural theories of teaching and learning
New/digital literacies
Language, literacy, culture, and identity
Social spaces and geographic places of learning

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Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Adolescent, Post-Secondary, and Community Literacies, Ohio State
  • M.Ed., English Education, Ohio State
  • B.A., English & Philosophy, Walsh University

My research interests involve the literacy practices of adolescents, especially in regard to how those practices relate to the institutions, social spaces, and geographic places in which they are enacted. This research involves investigations within and across classrooms, online spaces, and communities guided by concerns for learning with participants how to make learning opportunities more equitable for marginalized youth and how to engage students with critical considerations of their social worlds and local communities.

Current Courses

  • LAI 678: Digital Media in Education
  • LAI 673: New Literacies Seminar
  • LAI 683: Emergent Methods in New Literacies Research


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*graduate students

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