Corrie Stone-Johnson

Associate Professor

Educational Leadership and Policy

 471 Baldy Hall
 (716) 645-1092

Educational change
Educational leadership
Teacher cultures

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Dr. Stone-Johnson received her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Boston College. Her research focuses on the impact of mandated reform efforts on educators, specifically teachers in mid-career and teachers and leaders in struggling schools. In addition to this research, Stone-Johnson is also studying teacher leadership and the development of instructional leadership in underperforming public schools, and the challenges of large-scale qualitative research. Stone-Johnson previously taught middle school English in New York City through the Teach For America program.

Dr. Stone-Johnson is the recipient of the 2012 Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award from the Educational Change Special Interest Group (SIG) of the American Educational Research Association.

Selected Articles

Stone-Johnson, C., & Patrizio, K. (2014). Learning to lead (p)ublic schools. Journal of Inquiry and Action in Education, 6(1).

Stone-Johnson, C. (2014). Not cut out to be an administrator: generations, change and the career transition from teacher to principal. Education and Urban Society, 46(6), pp. 606-625.

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Evans, M., & Stone-Johnson, C. (2010). Internal leadership challenges of network participation. International Journal of Leadership in Education, 13(2), pp. 203-220.

Selected Book Chapters

Hargreaves, A., Boyle, A., & Harris, A. with Gurn, A., Stone-Johnson, C., & Ng, P.T. (2014). Creativity and counter-flow. In. Hargreaves, A., Boyle, A., & Harris, A. Uplifting leadership: how organizations, teams, and communities raise performance (pp. 45-66). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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Other Publications

Stone-Johnson, C. (2012). School reform: Agents. Oxford Bibliographies Online. New York: Oxford Press,

Stone-Johnson, C. (2012). School reform: Domains. Oxford Bibliographies Online. Oxford Bibliographies Online. New York: Oxford Press,

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