Corrie Stone-Johnson

Associate Professor

Educational Leadership and Policy

 471 Baldy Hall

Educational change
Educational leadership
Teacher cultures

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Corrie Stone-Johnson is an Associate Professor of Educational Administration at the University at Buffalo, SUNY. Her research in educational change and leadership examines the social and cultural aspects of change, highlighting the ways in which people interact to foster or impede reform in a context of accountability. She is particularly concerned with understanding the social contexts and organizational cultures within which teachers, leaders and school support staff experience change. Over the last several years, her research has examined such topics as responsible leadership; generations and change; relationships between school leaders and school communities; and differing concepts of professionalism. Her work has been published in her field’s leading journals including Educational Administration Quarterly, Education and Urban Society, Journal of Educational Change, International Journal of Leadership in Education, and Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice. Stone-Johnson previously taught middle school English in New York City through the Teach For America program.

Academic Book

Stone-Johnson, C. (2016). Generational identity, educational change, and school leadership. New York, NY: Routledge.

Selected Articles

Stone-Johnson, C. (2016). Intensification and isolation: Alienated teaching and collaborative professional relationships in the accountability context. Journal of Educational Change, 17(1), 29-49.

Stone-Johnson, C. (2015). Counselors as policy actors: Challenges to systemic involvement in college and career readiness policy in secondary schools. American Secondary Education, 43(2), 27-43.

Stone-Johnson, C. (2014). Not cut out to be an administrator: generations, change and the career transition from teacher to principal. Education and Urban Society, 46(6), 606-625.

Stone-Johnson, C. (2014). Parallel professionalism in an era of standardisation. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 20(1), 74-91.

Stone-Johnson, C. (2014). Responsible leadership. Educational Administration Quarterly, 50(4), 645-674.