H. Emily Hayden

Assistant Professor

Learning and Instruction

 584 Baldy Hall

Adaptive Expertise in Literacy Teaching
Reflective Practices in Teaching
Mixed Methods Research
Research into Reflective Practices and Adaptive Expertise
Literacy Education

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I am interested in the translation of research into practice in K-12 literacy instruction, specifically, describing adaptive expertise in teaching and the development of such expertise for novice teachers. My current research focuses on teachers’ reflective practices including issues of agency and discourse around problems and dilemmas encountered in teaching practice. I am also conducting case studies with teachers exploring the enactment of pedagogical content knowledge in classroom teaching, academic vocabulary selection and acquisition, and academic language frameworks to support reading and writing in content area classrooms. I have been involved in projects exploring the efficacy of reading fluency instruction and evaluating the outcomes of Reading First interventions in K-3 classrooms.

  • Ph.D., Educational Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2010
  • Ed.M., Leadership Education, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2003
  • B.S., Education, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1989

Current Courses

  • LAI 551: Childhood Reading Methods
  • LAI 560: Improvement of Instruction in Language Arts
  • LAI 638: Reflection in Teaching: Research and Practice

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