Nathan Daun-Barnett

Associate Professor

Educational Leadership and Policy

 478 Baldy Hall

College Access and Choice in US Higher Education
Public Policy in Higher Education
Financing Higher Education
Organizations and Governance in Higher Education

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Dr. Daun-Barnett is an Assistant Professor of Higher Education Administration in the Educational Leadership and Policy Program. His research focuses on college access, the transition from high school to college, and state policy as it affects the opportunities of students. He earned his doctorate in higher education administration with an emphasis in public policy at the University of Michigan Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education. Prior to joining the GSE faculty, Dr. Daun-Barnett served as the Director for University Relations and Policy Research for the Presidents Council, State Universities of Michigan.

Currently, Dr. Daun-Barnett is working on several lines of inquiry related to college access, public policy and K-16 alignment. His most recent work focuses on the influence of state high school graduation requirement policies on two outcomes - the likelihood students will complete high school and if they do, whether they have completed more courses in the core academic subjects (a proxy for college preparation). Additionally, he is looking at tuition guarantee programs, financial aid policies, and how the Web environment affects how students access information about the college going process and whether that influences college access.

One final area of inquiry involves the evaluation of intervention strategies designed to help students prepare for and gain access to the college admissions process including tutoring, mentoring, and after school programs, summer bridge programs, and dual enrollment, middle college and early college high schools, Currently Dr. Daun-Barnett serves as the grant evaluator for the Michigan College Access Challenge Grant from the US Department of Education and he has worked with several communities to develop college access strategies.


Preparation and Access: A Multi-level Analysis of State Policy Influences on the Academic Antecedents to College Enrollment

Book Chapters

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Refereed Journal Articles

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Other Publications

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