David Bruce

Associate Professor and Interim Chair of the Department of Learning and Instruction

Learning and Instruction

 584 Baldy Hall

Video Composition
New Literacies and Teacher Education
English Education
Media Studies

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Dr. Bruce (English Education) taught secondary English Language Arts classes for 11 years prior to working in higher education. His research and teaching interests deal with students composing with Digital Video (DV) technology in classroom contexts, incorporating multimodal literacies into teacher education, and exploring uses of DV as a research tool. He has served as president of the Ohio Council of Teachers of English and as the Director of the Commission on Media through the National Council of Teachers of English.

Selected Publications

Refereed Journals

Bruce, D., & Chiu, M. (2015). Composing with new technology: Teacher reflections on learning digital video. Journal of Teacher Education, 66(3), 272-287.

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Book Chapters

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