Thomas Schroeder

Associate Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeriti


History of Mathematics Education
Statistics Education
Learning and Instruction

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Educational Background

    Ph.D., Indiana University

Professional and Research Interests

    Mathematics Education

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Moore-Russo, D.A. & Schroeder, T. (2007, April). Mathematics teachers' visualization in 3-space. Paper presented at the Spring 2007 Meeting of the Mathematical Association of American Seaway Section, Oneonta, NY.



Schroeder, T. L., (LAI doctoral student) Corinne M. Schaeffer, Donovan, J. E., & Reisch,
C. P. (2002, April). Preservice teachers' understanding of functions: A performance assessment based on non-routine problems, analyzed in terms of versatility and adaptability. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, LA.



Schroeder, T. L. (1995, July). The development of a secondary school course
in probability, statistics, and modeling that attracts and empowers students.
Paper presented at the Seventh International Conference on the Teaching of Mathematical
Modelling and Applications, Belfast, Northern Ireland.



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