Mary McVee

Professor and Director of the Center for Literacy and Reading Instruction

Learning and Instruction

 581 Baldy Hall/17 Baldy Hall (CLaRI)

Positioning theory and social mediation including embodied learning
Literacy, technology and multimodality
Narrative and discourse analysis
Cultural diversity and disciplinary literacies including Engineering Education
Language literacy and culture
Literacy and digital technologies
Narrative, discourse analysis, and qualitative research methods
Literacy Education, Literacy Development

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Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Teacher Education (Literacy), Michigan State University, 1999
  • M.A., Curriculum & Instruction, Michigan State University, 1994
  • B.A., English (Creative Writing), TESL Certification, University of Montana, Missoula 1988

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    2015 M. McVee (PI). Engineering Literacy the Elementary School: Learning the Engineering Design Process to Read, Write, Think, Talk, and Act Like an Engineer. University at Buffalo, SUNY Innovative Micro-Programs Accelerating Collaboration in Themes (IMPACT) Grant. $32,100 (funded)

    2015 M. McVee (Co-PI). Disciplinary Literacies: Ways of Talking, Reading, Writing, Thinking and Acting like an Engineer. International Reading Association Elva Knight Research Grant. (L. Shanahan, PI). $8,000 (funded)

    2015 M. McVee (Co-PI). Disciplinary Literacies: Ways of Talking, Reading, Writing, Thinking and Acting like an Engineer. International Reading Association Elva Knight Research Grant. (L. Shanahan, PI). $8,000 (funded)

    2014 M. McVee (PI). Engineering and Literacy as Partners in the Design Process: Using multiliteracies and scientific inquiry to support under-represented minorities in the STEM-related disciplines. University at Buffalo, SUNY, Graduate School of Education MEGAS Seed Grant $9,590 (funded)

  • Selected Publications

    McVee ResearchGate


    McVee, M. B. & Boyd, F. (2016).Exploring diversity through multimodality, narrative, and dialogue: A framework for teacher reflection. New York: Routledge.

    Ortlieb, E., McVee, M. B., & Shanahan, L. E.(Eds.) (2015).Video reflection in literacy teacher education and development: Lessons from research and practice. Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing Group.

    Ortlieb, E., Shanahan, L. E., & McVee (Eds.) (2015).Video research in disciplinary literacies. Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing Group.

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    Chapter 1: McVee, M.B. (2011). Positioning theory and sociocultural perspectives:Affordances for educational researchers. Permission granted for educational use only.

    Introduction to Section I: McVee, M. B. (2011). Positioning in action: Reflexivity and identity in local contexts. Permission granted for educational use only.

    Refereed Articles

    Shanahan, L. E., McVee, M. B., Silvestri, K., Haq, K. (2016).Disciplinary Literacies in an engineering club: Exploring Productive Communication and the engineering design process. Literacy Research: Theory Method and Practice.

    McVee, M. B. & *Carse, C. (2016).A multimodal analysis of storyline in the “Chinese Professor”: Narrative construction and positioning in economic hard times. Visual Communication, 15(4), 403-427.

    McVee, M.B. (2014). "Some are way left, like this guy, Gloria Ladson-Billings: Resistance, conflict, and perspective taking in teachers' discussions of multicultural education. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology 20(4), 536-551..

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    McVee, M.B., Bailey, N.M., & Shanahan, L.E. (2008). Using digital media to interpret poetry: Spiderman meets Walt Whitman. Research in Teaching of English, 43(2), 112-143..

    View the Walt Whitman Poem

    McVee, M. B., Bailey, N. M., & Shanahan, L.E. (2008). Teachers and teacher educators learning from new literacies and technologies. Teaching Education, 19(3), 197-210.

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