Carol Hosenfeld

Associate Professor

Learning and Instruction

 570 Baldy Hall
 (716) 645-4073
  (716) 645-3161

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Educational Background

    Ph.D., Second Language Education, Ohio State University, 1977

Professional and Research Interests

  • Applications from Anthropology to Second Language Research
  • Applications from Cognitive Science to Second Language Research
  • Multilingual Literacy



Hosenfeld, C. (2000, March). Applications from the Critique of Cultural Anthropology
to Research on Learner Strategies. 34th Annual Convention of Teachers of English
to Speakers of Other Languages, Vancouver, BC.



Hosenfeld, C. (1999). Louise Rosenblatt: A voice that would not be silenced.
In D. Mendelsohn (Ed.), Expanding our vision: Insights for second language learners
(pp. 110-124). Oxford University Press.


Hosenfeld, C. (1999). "Some Beliefs of Second Language Learners are 'Emergent
Phenomena'." Paper presented at the Symposium on Learners' Beliefs About
Second Language Learning at the 12th World Congress of Applied Linguistics (AILA
1999) in Tokyo, Japan, August 3, 1999.

Hosenfeld, C. (1999, August). Paper presented at the Learners Beliefs about Second Language Learning Symposium at the 12th World Congress of Applied Linguistics, Tokyo, Japan.

Participated in an International E-Roundtable Discussion on Second Language
Learner Beliefs and Autonomy with seven scholars, interacting with members of
the AUTO-L Learner List, November 7-30, 1999.


Chair, Doctoral Studies committee in the Department of Learning and Instruction
(December 1999 Bulletin).



Hosenfeld, C. (1998). ""Culture and Second Language Learning Processes.""
Paper presented at the Colloquium on Cross-Cultural Differences in Language
Learner Processes at the Annual Conference of Applied Linguistics in Seattle,
Washington, March 15, 1998.



Segal, E., Miller, G., Hosenfeld, C., Mendelsohn, A., Russell, W., Julian,
J., Greene, A., & Delphonse, J. (1997). Person and Tense in Narrative Interpretation.
Discourse Processes, 24(2), 3: 271-307.


Hosenfeld, C. (1997). ""Theories of Mind: Going Meta (Metacognition).""
Paper presented at the Colloquium on Metacognition and Second Language Learning
at the Annual conference of Applied Linguistics in Orlando, Florida, March 11,



Hosenfeld, C., Cavour, I., & Bonk, D. (1996). Adapting a Cognitive Apprenticeship
Method to Foreign Language Classrooms. Foreign Language Annals, 29(4): 588-596.



Hosenfeld, C. (1995). ""Apprenticeships: What are they and how do they
work in your EFL/ESL Classroom?"" Paper presented at the CULI Third Annual
International Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, November 29, 1995.