Samuel Abramovich

Assistant Professor

Learning and Instruction

Library and Information Studies

 511 Baldy Hall

Educational Badges
Online Teacher Resource Exchanges
Learning Sciences
Emerging Technology in Education

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My research interests include finding and understanding the learning opportunities presented by the intersection between the Learning Sciences and Emerging Technology in order to help guide education improvement and reform. My current research looks at how educational badges and gamification can increase motivation to learn and build next-generation assessment. I also look at interactions in large-scale online systems such as web-based resource exchanges and MOOCs. I have also looked at the use of games and virtual-reality to teach at-risk youth and how design-based instruction is best integrated with instruction.

I am currently a Edmund W. Gordon MacArthur Foundation/ETS Fellow. My past experiences include being a HASTAC Media Scholar, a Technology Coordinator for an Independent School, and a Dot-Commer.

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Learning Science and Policy, University of Pittsburgh, 2013
  • M.T., Secondary Social Studies, University of Virginia, 2003
  • B.A., Politics, Brandeis University, 1998

Current Courses

  • LAI 615 Online: Introduction to Curriculum, Instruction and the Science of Learning (CISL)
  • LAI 685: Learning Technologies and Research
  • LIS 503 Online: Emerging Technologies for Libraries and Information Studies
  • LAI 657 Online: Analysis of Quantitative Research
  • LIS 506 Online: Introduction to Information Technology

Selected Publications

Wardrip, P.S., Abramovich, S., Bathgate, M. & Kim, Y.J. A school-based badging system and interest-based Learning: An exploratory case study. International Journal of Learning and Media (In Press).

Abramovich, S.J, Schunn, C.D., & Correnti, R. J. The Role of Evaluative Metadata in an Online Teacher Resource Exchange. Educational Technology Research & Development (December, 2013).

Abramovich, S.J., Schunn, C.D., & Higashi, R. Are Badges Useful in Education?: It Depends Upon the Type of Badge and Type of Learner. Educational Technology Research & Development (April, 2013).

Abramovich, S.J. & Schunn, C.D. Studying Teacher Selection of Resources in an Ultra-large Scale Interactive System: Does Metadata Guide the Way? Computers & Education (January, 2012).

Selected Talks

Abramovich, S. (2015, February). The Future is Hiding in Front of You. Talk presented at Teaching and Learning in the Classroom of the Future, Buffalo, NY.

Abramovich, S. (2015, January). Symbiosis: Jewish Education and the Learning Sciences. Talk presented at ELI Talks, New York, NY.

Selected Press

Can Digital Badges Save Hebrew School? The Jewish Daily Forward.

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